Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have long had issues with The Snuggie. I won't even get into them here and there is no argument. They are stupid. The ads are worse than the product, and this one made me particularly agitated. It's possible that my male PMS was in overdrive and that is why I actually yelled at the TV throughout the commercial, but I think its stupidity stands for itself.

Am I to believe these people like their Snuggies so much they are raising the roof because of them? Do people still do that? What are you so excited about? Your lives are so sad and the romance in your relationship is clearly dead since you wear separate, thick, blankets while you snuggle. No double snuggie?


Your clue was snuggie? You picked the thing of which there are four in the room for your clue? You love it that much that you will forfeit points so that there is one more mention of the wonderful, magical blanket with sleeves?

Your dog reads? Your dog reads about his own breed? You dress your dog in a matching snuggie and glasses? This dog looks like he wants to kill himself. In reality, he would probably be taking advantage of the book.

Is grandma knitting herself something less ridiculous than a Snuggie or a noose to hang herself? Who is she waving to? Goodbye everyone, I'm offing myself in my Snuggie. At least my corpse will be warm for a bit.

No, seriously, stop raising the damn roof!

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