Sunday, December 28, 2008

Seven Pounds

“An IRS agent with a fateful secret embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.”

The trailers were vague enough for this film, and I had seen so few, that I was able to go into this movie without any expectations. It was the 2nd movie I’ve seen in two years, the other being I Am Legend, that was saved by casting Will Smith. If anyone less entertaining and engaging than Smith was cast in either movie, they would have been terrible.

Seven Pounds could have come off as completely cheesy crap, if not for the performances. It is almost the Patch Adams of 2008, seeming like a good film at first, until you re-watch it and realize that it is overly sappy schlock. Luckily, Robin Williams is not trying to change seven lives here.

Will Smith and Rosario Dawson have surprisingly endearing on screen chemistry. Dawson was sassy and sweet; I liked her in this more than anything I’ve seen her in. Even so, the film focuses too much on them, and not enough on the overall process that Thomas is going through. Smith gave another great performance, but there should have been more for him to work with. I would have liked to see some of the darker side of what Ben Thomas was going through; we only get glimpses of him dealing with the guilt that set him on his journey.

A scene at the very beginning shows exactly where the movie is going, but there are several quick flashbacks, as if the filmmakers are trying to disguise the sequence of events. The plot unfolds very slowly at first. If you pay attention, the clues come together very gradually. Most of the audience still seemed shocked by events toward the end that to me didn’t seem so secret by that point.

The name itself is still somewhat puzzling. Many assume it refers to the weight of one specific thing (highlight for Spoiler- the human heart), but a little research will tell you that one thing doesn’t weigh anywhere close to 7 pounds. Others are interpreting it as the accumulated weight of things Ben Thomas is giving back, but considering the weight of one of those items (spoiler- a beach house), that makes no sense. The best explanation I’ve found is a reference to “The Merchant of Venice”-he is giving back a symbolic “pound of flesh” to each of the seven people he has decided to help, to redeem himself.

I thought Seven Pounds might be the first Oscar-nominated movie I’ve seen before the awards in years, that didn’t happen to be a blockbuster everyone saw. The story itself is coherent and somewhat interesting, but its execution is not Oscar worthy. I would rather see Smith or Dawson win an acting award on a better film, in memorable roles.

Overall grade: 4

Movie Rating System

I'm about to review a movie for the first time on justforscuz. The movie is 7 pounds, look for the review.

First I need to establish the ratings system that I will be using. The other members of the justforscuz team may or may not use it- but I am basing my movies on a scale of 7. This has nothing to do with the movie title.

Why 7? With other scales, I can too easily equate them to a letter grade or percentage. Yes, I could easily do this with a scale of 7, but I won't, and it allows me to give a quicker, gut reaction than to deliberate over whether a film should get a B+ or an 87%. I own a lot of movies, so I also included how likely I am to re-watch or buy the movie. So, here we go:

7- Excellent; I will probably buy this movie the day it comes out
6- Really Good; I will buy this movie, but will probably wait
5- Decent; I might buy it on sale, previously viewed
4- Okay; I don't care if I see it again
3- Pretty bad; I'll watch it again, but I'm going to talk over it and ruin it for you
2- Terrible; This is where I will start to rant about how bad it is
1- Complete Garbage; I will probably stop being your friend if you like this

Also, why 7? Just cuz. Just for scuz.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Nerd Alert: Butterbeer is delicious

In the future we will use this blog to announce cool events that we will be attending or think you should attend, but in this case I either forgot to mention I was going or was embarrassed to mention I was going, so I didn't. My apologies. Won't happen again.

This past Sunday, the 4th Annual Yule Ball was held in The Middle East in Central Square, Cambridge MA.

If you have to ask what a Yule Ball is then perhaps you aren't nerdy enough to be my friend and read these posts. It has to do with the Harry Potter books, okay? And I like them, so don't judge me.

Since I tend to think a lot of the Harry Potter spin-off things are a bit overkill, I was a little nervous to attend this event. I was worried that what could be a truly magical experience would be ruined by people trying too hard. (I also wasn't sure if I was dressed appropriately. I wondered if I should have worn an evening gown and silver heels -- turns out yes, that is what I should have worn-- instead of my casual knit dress and snow boots. Oh well. Dumbledore conjured up a snowstorm for the benefit of the Yule Ball, and unfortunately, that ended up dictating my outfit).

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Okay, so the crowd was a mixed bag. There were tweens and teens (it was an all ages event), adults, college students, and then my friend and I, the random 26 year-olds who crashed the ABC Family special. But, they served butterbeer at the bar and it was quite tasty and everything you had imagined butterbeer could be and more. Everyone laughed at and understood each other's weird Harry Potter jokes and references. Now I kind of understand why people start clubs- it is cool to have a common interest with strangers. I'd even consider it fun.

And, get this, the music was pretty good, too. Most songs had catchy tunes or memorable choruses so you could sing along if you so desired. Many were based on songs we know and love, with slight wording changes, which made it even easier to get into. The lyrics were witty and well thought out. The best part of the bands is that they didn't take themselves seriously. They were rocking out on stage, putting it all out there, singing about books, and having fun. At the end of the night, I hit up the merch table so I could relive the Yule Ball night after night after night by purchasing various souvenirs, and they even had a compilation CD available (see above right). Which was pretty cool considering most events that have multiple bands don't come prepared with one CD you can purchase encompassing the best music of the evening.

All in all- it was an evening of good clean geeky fun. Sure, I probably had one too many butterbeers, my friend accidentally joined the Harry Potter Alliance, and I ended up with a Whomping Willows t-shirt that I just had to have. But, I have to say, I can't wait til next year.

Who doesn't love a good lawn ornament battle?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Company Loves Misery

Yesterday was a half-day at work. Unlike when a blizzard hit last year and management waited until the height of the storm to close the school, our new president informed us all in the morning that school would close at noon. So this time I didn’t have to take six hours getting home, by train, then trying to drive, leaving my car in the garage overnight, and getting back on the train to be picked up. Instead, I had a leisurely stroll to get some refreshments and settle in with a nice winter storm movie.

But this wasn’t the kind of day that called for a Christmas movie. No, this kind of day being trapped inside for a few hours, a week before Christmas called for a nice, warm, winter horror movie: Misery. I love watching movies at appropriate times: Christmas movies in December; horror movies in October; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when skipping work (it’s like my version of the museum scene- why would you do that on your day off?). Misery may be the perfect movie to watch during your time waiting out a storm. Why?

It’s legit! First, the movie itself is great. The performances are fantastic. James Caan is entertaining as the increasingly sarcastic writer Paul Sheldon who can’t escape his biggest fan. “You know, some people might consider this an oddball situation,” his character Paul Sheldon tells his caretaker Annie Wilkes, as she forces him to write a sequel he never planned.

Even better, is Kathy Bates in the role of Annie Wilkes, a former nurse whose current patient is her favorite author, who she doesn’t plan on letting go of. Kathy Bates won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her performance, and both are well deserved. She is all at once sweet, frightening, and funny. She’s a monster that you don’t relate to until she is shown sitting in bed watching The Love Connection, eating a bag of Cheetos with a 2 liter soda bottle on her nightstand. Or was I the only one who saw a bit of myself in her in that scene?

Misery all Winter long: I love Christmas movies, and there are a few that I HAVE to watch every year. If I didn’t love them, I would have gone to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when I visited Cleveland, because it was next to my hotel. Instead, I walked 4 miles downtown to visit the House from A Christmas Story. Misery is a winter movie that isn’t weird to watch when the holidays are over. You can watch it any time a snow storm comes, which in Boston can be from December through April.

Other movies are inappropriate: Um, there’s a blizzard going on outside. People are skidding around all irrational on their cars. Some may take hours to get home and there could be injuries and death. Wouldn’t you feel like a fool watching something like Snow Day with Chevy Chase should something unfortunate happen?

“The swearing, Paul”: I’m a bit of a potty mouth, so it’s good to find low-key alternatives to swearing by calling something an “oogie mess” or yelling “cock-a-doodie” in traffic. Annie Wilkes is also inspiring too any dirty birdy in the way she can invent new swear words like “bitchly” and “Christ-ing.”

Warm-fuzzy feeling: The whole time you watch this movie, you can just think “At least I’m not in Paul Sheldon’s situation,” and what could be more reassuring? When he’s being drugged and trying to slip knockout powder into Annie’s wine, you’re eating popcorn and slipping more Bailey’s into your friend’s or special someone's coffee.

The next time a storm hits, bring on the Misery. Grab a warm drink, wrap yourself up in a blanket, and be happy that no one is going to take a sledgehammer to your ankles.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Because you can never have enough holiday music...

I don't consider myself a music expert. No lie, in high school I had probably 10 CDs- total. And one cassette tape, the soundtrack to Friends. In college I expanded my musical horizons by being friends with the friends I have now (who also contribute to this blog), but I am still usually a few steps behind the normal music curve.

The only music I really get into, really love, is holiday music. I think it stems from the fact I am not one of those people who has a good audio memory. Some people hear a song once, and can sing all of the words the next time. Not me. I usually sing the chorus and the rest of the time I say "ba-dee-da-duh." Or I lip sing and look around awkwardly hoping no one will notice. Or I am perpetually confused thinking Murder on the Dance Floor is about an actual murder on the dance floor, not just someone who wants to prevent the killing of the groove.

But Christmas carols have been ingrained in my brain ever since the first time I listened to and sang along to the Disney Christmas Album. I've heard these classic songs time and time again, so not only do I know the words, but I am comfortable singing them (because around Christmas people tend to hold off on making fun off your off-key vocal skills). This makes the music far more enjoyable than the kind "kids these days" are listening to. I'll take Dean Martin's A Marshmallow World over Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) any day.

Thus, I am always on hot pursuit of the latest and greatest holiday albums. This season's rising star became apparent early in the season, but I have held off revealing it because I wanted to give other holiday albums a chance to be released and reviewed. But, despite being tempted to name Kristin Chenoweth's as my favorite (because I am still quite upset Pushing Daisies is canceled and did you hear that Cheno accepted a role on a new show being a quirky crazy lawyer so we know the show is really toast), that's just not true. And the Christmas season is the time is for telling the truth, as we all learned from Love, Actually.

So, here's my favorite new holiday compilation album of the season:

The Hotel Café presents Winter Songs features original music by Sara Bareilles and my favorite Ingrid Michaelson, as well as Brandi Carlile. They also have holiday standards like Sleigh Ride, Silver Bells, and Silent Night covered by KT Tunstall, Alice Smith, and Katie Havnevik, to name a few. Since these are all the key players on my iPod this year, I was happy to purchase their take on the holidays for my listening enjoyment. Walking to and from work hasn't been better-- even in the blizzard of Friday evening- with these ladies singing in my ears. I also love the album design; I find it darling and not too cutesy for my taste. What's even better, you can get the entire album for only $7.99 on iTunes.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Real life lessons...courtesy of the Muppets?

While watching the newest Muppets Christmas special, I realized that there’s a lot to be learned from these old friends...

Christmas Spirit
My favorite recurring theme in the Muppets’ Christmas specials is the true meaning of Christmas being love and hope. Cheesy and clichĂ©, yes, but somehow they make it palatable and utterly charming every time. Especially when Kermit is proselytizing wearing his tiny little Christmas sweater.

Thank you, Fozzie, for reminding us that not every joke can be a winner and it’s always cool to provide your own laugh track. Wocka-Wocka-Wocka!

The Muppets show us that it’s ok to break out in song every once in a while, especially when we feel confused, defeated, hopeful, happy, and, heck, any other emotion at all. Muppets never need an excuse to sing!

Everyone knows the coolest Muppet is Gonzo, and he doesn’t even know what he is! No Muppet has ever looked at him like he doesn’t belong. We are all a little gonzo, and that’s more than ok.

Only the Muppets would have a frog, a bear, a rat, a prawn, and a gonzo all working together for the common good. They give us hope that we can all overcome our differences, work together, and, someday, take Manhattan.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Eatah!

I would like to introduce you to a blog written by my friend Liz. Liz blogs about gluten-free and dairy-free eating and cooking. I have eaten many of the deserts she makes and they are amazing! There's a lot of great recipes and food reviews, as well as the adventures of her dog Henry.

The Good Eatah!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I need a Hero

This is going to be sad news for Ms. Rackow, but hopefully good news for Heroes. The cancellation of Pushing Daisies means that Bryan Fuller will return to Heroes as a consultant.

Here is the full article.

Here are my own thoughts on what they need to do to fix heroes.

Stop fake killing people!
I would list all of the characters that have died, only to not be dead. I’ll make it simpler: all of them. There are the mind-controlling-fake reality deaths, the cut to commercial falls and gunshots, time-traveling trickery deaths. And there are of course, the alternate future deaths, and if you count the ones where Peter or Sylar blow up, everyone has died.

Stop killing the wrong people!
They never should have killed Adam or Elle. Elle is one of the only characters who seemed morally cloudy in a season emphasizing on characters choosing sides. Both characters were charmingly wicked, surrounded by too many characters who are evil but not interesting (Arthur Petrelli), or sickeningly well-intentioned (Peter, Claire, Hiro). Mohinder became morally murkier this season, but by the time they show us if he’s turning into a fly or a spider, I won’t care. It’s too late to fix this though, because if they bring them back, it will only add to the fake death toll.

Kill someone important!
The show needs to grow a pair, and kill one of the following: Peter, Hiro, Nathan, Claire, Mohinder, Noah Bennett, or Parkman. They don’t have to go “24” and kill three major characters in one episode, but a real, important, shocking death in the near future would show that anyone is expendable.

Enough with the time travel!
Too many people have the power. Hiro having the power was fine. He learned that he couldn’t prevent every last thing from happening. Then Peter got it; Peter, the nurse, who wants to help everyone and fix everything, and thinks he’s the only one to do it. With the power of time travel, Peter can change even the things that have already happened.

Arthur Petrelli then stole that power, among others, from Peter (phew!). Did he ever do anything with it? I can’t remember, because with all these people jumping in and out of time, I can’t keep track of what has happened, what is just an alternate present, what was supposed to happen, and if the things I do remember are still coming. There’s a reason Doc Brown wanted to destroy the DeLorean (even though he then created a time-traveling train-what the hell was that about?)

The time travel angle seems to be a “get out of jail free card” for the show’s creators. The characters can rewrite the course of the show for them when things go wrong story-wise.

Heroes was my new nerdy fix for a serial drama, hopefully with some intense action and fighting! In order of most to least whimsical, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, to Xena, Buffy, Angel, and 24 all gave me my fix for a spot of violence. Occasionally there are some fight scenes, but most involve standing 20 feet apart comparing who has stolen more powers, and then trying to saw each others’ foreheads open.

The only real violence usually involves a gun. For a show where the characters all have powers, guns come into play too often. Guns are only threatening when I believe that characters won’t dodge the bullet, freeze the bullet, or heal the wound it causes. There needs to be more hand-to-hand combat. The X-Men have powers, but they could win a fight without them. Niki was always good for that, but she died so that they could introduce her sister, who makes ice.

A big finale!
The finale would be a great time to execute any of these plans. Even the first finale was a little lame. The characters all came together finally, to face Sylar. Watching them take turns seeing which of their powers was most useless against Sylar wasn’t that thrilling. With more characters on each side this season, there is potential for a great finale. I envision the episode cutting back and forth from many dramatic showdowns. The body count should be higher. No one should fly off into space or end up in feudal Japan.


There was a commercial on tonight that reminded me of this classic commercial from the '90s. I remember only ever seeing it at my grandmother's house in the summer because we didn't have cable back then, and in those days this wouldn't fly on network TV.

I can't remember what the commercial was that made me think of this, because I made another discovery. Apparently, that was Ali Larter in the ad. I wonder if the guy who sprays himself and giggles is anyone now. Good resume building stuff- Crotch Spray Giggle Guy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I hope you have all heard of The Slanket by now. It is a terrible idea. The Snuggy is no better. Anyone who thinks they need one of these has issues.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gripe of the Day (GOTD)

You know what really bugs me? Paper plates.

No, I am not going to get into the whole to be green or not to be green quandary (that's a different post for a different day); what annoys me about paper plates is the quantities in which they are packaged.

There are two kinds of paper plates. The pretty ones and the ugly ones. The ugly ones come in packs of 12 to 100. They are usually flimsy and so you need 100 of them because doubling-up isn't even enough to hold a plate of popcorn. You need to at least elevenses-up to make them stand up to your brunch buffet. Sure, you can get the Solo brand of plastic plates that are more sturdy, but I am not talking about plastic plates I am talking about paper ones.

Then, there are the pretty plates in pretty patterns. They are the type of paper plates you admire in the store but you never ever buy these plates because they only come in packs of 8. Maybe a pack of 12 if you are lucky. Oh, and they cost twice as much as the ugly flimsy ones in their pack of 60. And they aren't even very sturdy, so you'd probably still need to double-up. That leaves you with 4 plates that are usable.

What really bothers me about these pretty plates is I can't even imagine who'd want to buy them. What kind of event are you throwing where these plates even make sense? A salad party for 8 and you don't feel like doing dishes? I throw the kind of party where you invite a lot of people and you cannot use your regular plates because you don't have enough regular plates. And what you really want are some plates that are festive, but you can't justify spending the $6.95 per pack of 8 "designer" plates. What designer even designed these plates anyway? I don't see the Gucci logo on there. Nor do I see Prada.

Thus, you are stuck taking the white dumb looking plates and decorating them with stickers or turkey hands or nothing at all because it probably isn't safe to draw things on the plate off which you will eat, all the while thinking about the pretty patterned plates sitting on their shelf in the store of your choice as they smugly mock you.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Joshua Tree: Over-hated

As I thought about things to write in this blog, everything was negative. I may become known for being negative because I usually have more to say about something I don't like than something I do like. And when it comes to arguing, I'm better at convincing people why something sucks than why something else is awesome.

Thursday night I was at the Joshua Tree in Allston, not far from where I live with some friends from work. We settled on the J Tree because it's close, and we almost didn't go because we were afraid that at 9 p.m. it might be in "dance club mode." Because of their tendency to become a douchebaggy club on certain nights, I have heard a lot of people say "I hate the Joshua Tree."

Well, in my opinion, it's over-hated. In a lot of cases, bars get written off because of how they are on a Friday or Saturday night. The problem is that you are going on a weekend night, when all the little college kiddies are out to annoy you. The music has to change to suit their needs, it's cramped, it's busy. Pretty much a douchebomb goes off and it sucks.

The Joshua Tree on this Thursday night was actually kind of awesome.

* They have a good variety of beer without taking Budweiser or more mainstream beers off the menu to seem classier. Sometimes you want your classy beer and then your old college standby.
* The music was a little old-school that night. When "It Takes Two" by Rob Bass came on, the 24 year old was left out for not knowing all the words instead of the over 25 crowd wondering what the hell music is this? Other songs and artists included Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, OPP, LL Cool J, and the Beastie Boys.
* There were several options including my two new favorite things: bleu cheese and buffalo anything. Most places have one option for Buffalo- the J Tree offers it in a burger, a dip, and a quesadilla. Their bleu cheese fries were quite good.
* It wasn't busy so the service was great and everything came quick.

This all may seem obvious-if you're like me, you think a bar is better when it's not packed with annoying people. The point is, sometimes it's the people, not the bar. Don't write off a bar entirely though if you haven't seen it on a good day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Review- Pushing Daisies: Capturing my heart, now and forever more

Just to set the record straight, I am not the sunshine and lollipops type of person (unless I am dancing around to the tune by that name in my freakishly tiny kitchen because yes, I moved out of the ‘burbs’ to spend twice as much money in my downtown apartment with no amenities). However, I love the TV program Pushing Daisies and its almost sickeningly sweet cuteness.

Why do I love this delectable series about the pie-man who can bring people back from the dead for 1 minute and 1 minute only? There are so many reasons I am unsure if I will be able to write them all here but I will certainly try because I love nothing more than making a good long list, rattling on and on like your great Aunt Betty when she hasn’t had a house guest in a while.

(1) The pie-man himself, Ned, played by Lee Pace. I love him. He is tall in an adorable way and always has that woeful expression on his face. Who doesn’t love a man who is sensitive enough to bring his childhood sweetheart back to life, never to return her to her unpleasant fate of being dead, all the while suffering because he cannot ever touch her, the one true love of his life... the tragedy of it all is enough to make even the coldest heart melt. Swoon.

(2) The Pie-Hole. Hello, clever name for a pie place. Who doesn’t wish that the Pie Hole existed in your very own neighborhood? Well, guess what you lucky Boise, Idaho readers-- Pie Hole does exist in your neighborhood! However, it is a pizza place and not a charming, mom and pop place, where you can chit and chat with the staff, and get the best slice of pie you ever had. So you still lose. Suckers.

(3) The cinematography. Is it still called cinematography when it’s just a TV show? Is what I am even talking about cinematography at all? Hmm. What I am trying to get at is that a TV show has never seen such beautiful sets, colors, and camera angles. Seriously, I could sit there and watch the show without sound on and still love it. (I would never, ever do that, because I would never want to miss out on the witty banter or Olive suddenly breaking out into song and dance, but I could and I would if I had something to prove. Don’t test me).

(4) Olive Snook. She’s a character after my very own heart. She’s got this horribly unrequited love thing going on with Ned (who doesn’t, I mean, seriously), she’s sassy, she’s as freakishly short as Ned is freakishly tall, she loves dogs, she’s not afraid of anything (except the ghost of a former jockey, but that’s another story), and she’s not afraid to make her life a musical with no forewarning or reason. If I could carry a tune, I’d love to be like Olive. Except for the fact that I’d never get to be with Ned, because to him, she’s just her Pie-Hole employee and friend. Sigh.

(5) Charlotte’s (Chuck’s) wardrobe. I have actually done research on Chuck’s character’s attire, and if it all weren’t ridiculously expensive you’d probably see me sporting all of her dresses, coats, and shoes, pretending as though that I came up with her classy ensembles on my own. However, most of her stuff is out of my particular budget, so instead I have had to come up with elaborate plots to break onto the set during filming and steal the clothing from the racks. If you see me on the news, just understand, I really love clothes. Chuck is a lucky duck, because she never wears the same thing twice. And to the naysayers who want to tell me that this ruins the accuracy of the show- how does a dead girl have the money to purchase so many adorable outfits? Well, if you do recall those plaster monkeys from the first episode were actually GOLD, so you do the math.

(6) The fact that the episode tonight ended with Olive singing Eternal Flame.

(7) The Narrator. I love narration. Always have, always will. If a novel I write eventually gets made into a movie, it better have a narrator. It’s like listening to a bedtime story with moving pictures.

(8) The warm and wholesome feeling you get while watching this show. There is something quaint about it that is lacking in all other programs on today. It’s not a reality show (not that there is anything wrong with reality TV, I’m just sick of it). The scandals are silly, but yet it is composed with heartfelt truths. Honestly, there aren’t many things on TV like it.

(9) Miscellaneous other reasons why I like this show:
  • The private eye, Emerson Cod, knits in his spare time. Also that his office is above a Chinese food restaurant. The details, the details.
  • Couer d’Couers, best fake town name ever. Has very pretty flowery fields as well.
  • Digby, the dog. I love golden retrievers. Also the fact that Olive ‘adopted’ a pig and named him “Pigby.”

Some might say I am obsessed with this show. Yes, it is true that I have been known to watch episodes from Season 1 over and over and over again, but that was mostly due to the fact I am too lazy to call the cable company to get cable installed and too stupid to realize I could access basic cable with my antenna. Thus I thought I was limited to CBS (the only station that didn't come in fuzzy), which is only good for an hour and a half on Monday nights and half an hour on Wednesday nights... But truly, if you can tear yourself away from The New Adventures of Old Christine (I know, it’s hard, but maybe you should invest in TiVo if you are concerned about scheduling overlaps), I strongly encourage you to add Pushing Daisies to your weekly line up. If you don’t, you will have missed out and you surely will be sorry, but I guess that’s your prerogative.


Online dating is amazing. Not because I've met anyone- because I haven't, just in case you forgot that's actually against God's plan. It's amazing because I just can't get over how perfect the matches are that get delivered to me every morning, like an angel nestles them quietly in my inbox while I sleep. Which one is my favorite? I find it hard to decide.

How about the guy who described harry and voldemort's last standoff as "freakin sweet"?

Nah. Maybe the one who, under a picture of a cat on his head, said "this lady rules the roost".

Perhaps the classy gentleman who put it all out there and said his main interest in life is video games?

Or maybe it's the guy who, in listing the 3 things he is most thankful for in his entire life, listed (drumroll please) DENTAL CARE!

I think we have a winner.

That's what she said

"You could put it in the end, you just have to be delicate."

Just for Scuz

Who are we?
A group of friends who want to write, think people want to hear what we have to say (though surely they don't), or just have too much time on our hands. We don't want to let work, relationships, or responsibility get in the way of what is truly important in our lives...blogging about how we're not doing anything useful with our time.

What will you find here?

Reviews- we have opinions on books, movies, restaurants, whatever. We don't have an agenda or care what anyone thinks, so you will get our honest opinion. Even if you never agree with us, you can do the opposite of what we recommend (if you're a total idiot).

Commentary- Sometimes we don't need anything specific on which to tell you our opinion. Maybe something in the news that day is ridiculous. Maybe "the damn kids these days" piss us off when they pretend they remember anything from the '80s when they were born in 1989. Occasionally, you will find us up on our high horse (or a small pony), but don't always look for sense, sometimes we just gotta rant.

Events- We'll let you know what we're up to, whether it's a race, a concert, or a fundraiser that's worth attending.

Life- we are all at that adorably directionless, fickle age: the quarter-life crisis. None of that he said, she slept with who? CW-teen drama bull you can't understand because it's disguised in incorrectly used 4 syllable words. But we don't have kids and houses and grown-up things weighing us down either, so our trials and tribulations are usually fodder for you to laugh at. Who cares about us? We do. Besides, wouldn't you rather laugh about our sad lives than over-analyze your own?

Just cuz. Just for scuz.