Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Report card

This blog is almost 1 year old. It is still pretty cruddy, but I think it's going...somewhere.

My computer is dying. I am currently on my work computer. My ibook, which has stuck by me for 5 years, has been going through some hard times. Last night it just...stopped. Now when I turn it on it says "Starting Mac OSX" for-ev-er. I will be pissed if it dies, but I'll get over it. My music I can get back with or deal with it. My sketches I have printed out so I can retype them. I will take this time to realize I need an external drive and to get organized.

I was going to update from my ipod last night. Because I walked to work in the pouring rain last week, it got water logged and now the backlight doesn't work. This is the trend with my technological devices as of late. Because my phone charger was literally spit out of the wall (I think we have a ghost) while my phone was charging, the phone only works when in the open position (it's an Envy 2- that flips open to text). So to call people or pick up calls I have to open it, press the correct button, and then re-close it if I want to look like a normal boy.

Last night I decided to plug in my humidifier, because I need noise to sleep and it's getting too cold to have a fan going. I plugged it in. It does not work. Yup.

I have no money right now. I work 40 hours a week, and yet I am going to need a part time job. Granted, I go out too often, which I am going to stop doing...as much. Even if I stop doing that, I just need more money to save, oh and buy a new computer, and maybe ipod and phone. Perhaps part time job adventures await this blog.

Take a mental picture. December 1, 2009. Things are not the best. They will probably continue to get comically worse for a bit. Things breaking. Mini explosions. Perhaps I'll get hives. But then, they only have to get better at some point. I'll try to hold off-the explosions and hives are more entertaining.

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