Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Real life lessons...courtesy of the Muppets?

While watching the newest Muppets Christmas special, I realized that there’s a lot to be learned from these old friends...

Christmas Spirit
My favorite recurring theme in the Muppets’ Christmas specials is the true meaning of Christmas being love and hope. Cheesy and cliché, yes, but somehow they make it palatable and utterly charming every time. Especially when Kermit is proselytizing wearing his tiny little Christmas sweater.

Thank you, Fozzie, for reminding us that not every joke can be a winner and it’s always cool to provide your own laugh track. Wocka-Wocka-Wocka!

The Muppets show us that it’s ok to break out in song every once in a while, especially when we feel confused, defeated, hopeful, happy, and, heck, any other emotion at all. Muppets never need an excuse to sing!

Everyone knows the coolest Muppet is Gonzo, and he doesn’t even know what he is! No Muppet has ever looked at him like he doesn’t belong. We are all a little gonzo, and that’s more than ok.

Only the Muppets would have a frog, a bear, a rat, a prawn, and a gonzo all working together for the common good. They give us hope that we can all overcome our differences, work together, and, someday, take Manhattan.

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