Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just for Scuz

Who are we?
A group of friends who want to write, think people want to hear what we have to say (though surely they don't), or just have too much time on our hands. We don't want to let work, relationships, or responsibility get in the way of what is truly important in our lives...blogging about how we're not doing anything useful with our time.

What will you find here?

Reviews- we have opinions on books, movies, restaurants, whatever. We don't have an agenda or care what anyone thinks, so you will get our honest opinion. Even if you never agree with us, you can do the opposite of what we recommend (if you're a total idiot).

Commentary- Sometimes we don't need anything specific on which to tell you our opinion. Maybe something in the news that day is ridiculous. Maybe "the damn kids these days" piss us off when they pretend they remember anything from the '80s when they were born in 1989. Occasionally, you will find us up on our high horse (or a small pony), but don't always look for sense, sometimes we just gotta rant.

Events- We'll let you know what we're up to, whether it's a race, a concert, or a fundraiser that's worth attending.

Life- we are all at that adorably directionless, fickle age: the quarter-life crisis. None of that he said, she slept with who? CW-teen drama bull you can't understand because it's disguised in incorrectly used 4 syllable words. But we don't have kids and houses and grown-up things weighing us down either, so our trials and tribulations are usually fodder for you to laugh at. Who cares about us? We do. Besides, wouldn't you rather laugh about our sad lives than over-analyze your own?

Just cuz. Just for scuz.

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