Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Online dating is amazing. Not because I've met anyone- because I haven't, just in case you forgot that's actually against God's plan. It's amazing because I just can't get over how perfect the matches are that get delivered to me every morning, like an angel nestles them quietly in my inbox while I sleep. Which one is my favorite? I find it hard to decide.

How about the guy who described harry and voldemort's last standoff as "freakin sweet"?

Nah. Maybe the one who, under a picture of a cat on his head, said "this lady rules the roost".

Perhaps the classy gentleman who put it all out there and said his main interest in life is video games?

Or maybe it's the guy who, in listing the 3 things he is most thankful for in his entire life, listed (drumroll please) DENTAL CARE!

I think we have a winner.


Ms. Rackow said...

Am I allowed to comment? I just got a match that said he was most passionate about "dogs," the most influential person in his life was "god" and his friends would describe him as "articulate". True story. No words, no words.

Hez said...

Ooh, Mum would like that last one.

Hang in there. It will be okay. And if it is not okay, it will at least be funny for me. :)