Monday, December 22, 2008

Nerd Alert: Butterbeer is delicious

In the future we will use this blog to announce cool events that we will be attending or think you should attend, but in this case I either forgot to mention I was going or was embarrassed to mention I was going, so I didn't. My apologies. Won't happen again.

This past Sunday, the 4th Annual Yule Ball was held in The Middle East in Central Square, Cambridge MA.

If you have to ask what a Yule Ball is then perhaps you aren't nerdy enough to be my friend and read these posts. It has to do with the Harry Potter books, okay? And I like them, so don't judge me.

Since I tend to think a lot of the Harry Potter spin-off things are a bit overkill, I was a little nervous to attend this event. I was worried that what could be a truly magical experience would be ruined by people trying too hard. (I also wasn't sure if I was dressed appropriately. I wondered if I should have worn an evening gown and silver heels -- turns out yes, that is what I should have worn-- instead of my casual knit dress and snow boots. Oh well. Dumbledore conjured up a snowstorm for the benefit of the Yule Ball, and unfortunately, that ended up dictating my outfit).

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Okay, so the crowd was a mixed bag. There were tweens and teens (it was an all ages event), adults, college students, and then my friend and I, the random 26 year-olds who crashed the ABC Family special. But, they served butterbeer at the bar and it was quite tasty and everything you had imagined butterbeer could be and more. Everyone laughed at and understood each other's weird Harry Potter jokes and references. Now I kind of understand why people start clubs- it is cool to have a common interest with strangers. I'd even consider it fun.

And, get this, the music was pretty good, too. Most songs had catchy tunes or memorable choruses so you could sing along if you so desired. Many were based on songs we know and love, with slight wording changes, which made it even easier to get into. The lyrics were witty and well thought out. The best part of the bands is that they didn't take themselves seriously. They were rocking out on stage, putting it all out there, singing about books, and having fun. At the end of the night, I hit up the merch table so I could relive the Yule Ball night after night after night by purchasing various souvenirs, and they even had a compilation CD available (see above right). Which was pretty cool considering most events that have multiple bands don't come prepared with one CD you can purchase encompassing the best music of the evening.

All in all- it was an evening of good clean geeky fun. Sure, I probably had one too many butterbeers, my friend accidentally joined the Harry Potter Alliance, and I ended up with a Whomping Willows t-shirt that I just had to have. But, I have to say, I can't wait til next year.

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