Sunday, December 28, 2008

Movie Rating System

I'm about to review a movie for the first time on justforscuz. The movie is 7 pounds, look for the review.

First I need to establish the ratings system that I will be using. The other members of the justforscuz team may or may not use it- but I am basing my movies on a scale of 7. This has nothing to do with the movie title.

Why 7? With other scales, I can too easily equate them to a letter grade or percentage. Yes, I could easily do this with a scale of 7, but I won't, and it allows me to give a quicker, gut reaction than to deliberate over whether a film should get a B+ or an 87%. I own a lot of movies, so I also included how likely I am to re-watch or buy the movie. So, here we go:

7- Excellent; I will probably buy this movie the day it comes out
6- Really Good; I will buy this movie, but will probably wait
5- Decent; I might buy it on sale, previously viewed
4- Okay; I don't care if I see it again
3- Pretty bad; I'll watch it again, but I'm going to talk over it and ruin it for you
2- Terrible; This is where I will start to rant about how bad it is
1- Complete Garbage; I will probably stop being your friend if you like this

Also, why 7? Just cuz. Just for scuz.

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