Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas Un-miracle!

My computer has been having trouble for the past couple of months. I never had any problems, and then suddenly, it started to struggle. Then one wouldn't start up. The computer would power up, start opening Mac OSX Tiger and stay that way, potentially forever. A friend of mine managed to treat the computer like an external drive, and get my entire drive onto his external. My files are all in tact.

I found my reboot disks, and used them to restore my computer to factory settings. And it worked wonderfully for a day. A Christmas Miracle!

The second day it worked, I decided to join a new dating site. I can't do eharmony (they wouldn't know how to match us!); I don't think I'm ready- bitches are ready to get married and junk. So I elected for OkCupid! It actually asks questions and you get matched up to people, instead of waiting for people to say "Your cute" and then be upset by their terrible spelling. If they do select the correct "you're" it's usually because they were educated in the 60s.

In the middle of updating my profile, the computer shut down. It won't turn back on. I now have messages from guys on the website. I can't check them from work- it's blocked. I can't check them from home.

That seems more like my life.

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Anita Rackow said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... I'm sorry. My computer has been acting pretty amazingly this week. It's weird. I bet it will break down soon.