Sunday, August 30, 2009

The things I carried

As I prepare to move in the next 24-48 hours, I wonder how I'm really going to pull it off. I say 24-48 hours because while my official move in date is September 1st, I may be able to move certain items into my building, but not my apartment, on the 31st, thanks to friends who will be moving into the same building.

The move is from Brighton to Allston, and only .4 miles so it should be fairly easy. Then again, the move is from BRIGHTON to ALLSTON on September 1st. I avoided this nightmare last year because I moved in around September 7th or so. An extra bonus challenge will be moving my full sized bed without the aid of a truck or movers.

Option 1 is walking it down the street, hopefully with help.

Option 2 is strapping that mother to my Altima and hoping for the best.

Option 3:

Except Allston St. instead of a surf-stairway and random homeless people and college kids instead of guards in purple suits. The billowy, hooded nightgown is a must though.

Other than that, everything should pretty much fit in my car in 2 trips. That was the number of trips I had to take last September when moving. Still I wonder, where did I get all this crap? And even still, I left a lot of belongings, personal and otherwise, at my parents' house. I didn't have room for them to come to my apartment and I may still not have room.

There are things that I wish I had here and others I brought with me that I don't even need, but I can't throw them away. I don't look at my yearbooks, but I thought I would like to have them around. Plus, I can't keep everything at my parents' forever. I think as I move to my second apartment, I must make a trip back and enact judgment day upon my belongings. Everything will either be moving on with me, or going to the firey pits of the garbage world.

No that's too harsh and Christian. Perhaps there will be some reincarnation as my trash becomes another man's treasure through goodwill.

I realized today this would all be solved if I could just keep everything with me, but not actually have to store it anywhere. This would be possible if my life were a video game. I walked by a box of matches that had been left on the street, and of course as a 27 year old man seeing trash, I thought I should pick it up. I have also recently been picking up loose change on the street that normally I would pass by. I want to see how much I can earn in a year just by picking up loose change. But, I digress.

In video games, at least the role playing kind, you get to walk around and look for items that you will need later. Kill someone- take his gun. Find a grenade- keep it for later when you need to blast through a brick wall. Magic potion-what? Who cares- you know you'll need it at some point. And this is what I think when I see something like a box of matches, hanging out all by itelf, practically with a pulsating glow around it. "I'll need these later." Why else would they be there?

Why don't I pick them up? Because it's street trash. No, that's not why- that wouldn't stop me. The reason is, I don't have room for this crap. In the video game world, you pick things up and you just "have" them. Somehow you can carry a rifle, a key card, 10 smoke bombs, a first aid pack, and a grappling hook on your person. And you can just bust them out at any point, at the appropriate time.

If I could just "have" all my belongings, but not have to keep them, I would be all set. Because although you don't need them on a regular basis- I mean do I really NEED my Spice World sticker book, with an unfinished collection of stickers, because I stopped being able to find the Chupa Chups Spice Girls lollipops? Of course not, but how else would I be able to prove how painfully uncool I am but how much uncooler I used to be. I think people believe me but having that evidence really drives the point home. Unfortunately, I have to keep that in a trunk, next to the comic books I used to draw for 4 years, and my 3 volumes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Watcher's Guide.

All of my music now fits on my ipod-something that is smaller than my wallet. I kind of miss having the actual CDs, but it's good to free up the space. Most of the information found in the books I have can be found online anytime. Maybe those I can learn to live without.

I don't have any other place to put old drawings, movie ticket stubs, letters and cards from family and friends. But I'm not getting rid of them. And so these are the things I carry with me, even though I probably won't use them.

So scientists and eggheads, could you get on that teleportion shit anytime soon? The Power Rangers did it all the time, and that show has been around for years!

PS Looking forward to this in 2 days:


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