Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"i'm having some trouble with zombies..."

so said i last night to my roommate. i never thought it would come to this, but i am, indeed, having some trouble with zombies these days.

it all started when i spied it. the the book my dreams are made of. that's right- Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

i had to have it. i heart Pride and Prejudice! i heart zombies! the cover will freak people out in public! it all started out innocently enough. the bennet sisters are searching for husbands. their mother is meddling. mark darcy is proud. and then...zombies come in and eat people. they EAT people. somehow, i did not see this coming.

i guess i never gave much thought to zombies. i like to say things like, "i heart zombies" without really considering what makes them tick. it turns out, i don't really heart zombies at all. the truth is, they actually make me gag a little bit when i read about them cracking people's skulls with their teeth at the ball.

i'm not sure i can finish the book. maybe i'm too proud. maybe i'm too prejudiced. maybe i'm too...zombie?

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