Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beard-off continues...

The beard off was established at work a couple weeks back, between a coworker and I. Our beards are now noticeable enough that people are asking “What’s with the beard?” Or, “I like the beard!”, or “The beard is not bad. You don’t look like a bum is what I’m trying to say.” This is the longest either of us has ever allowed our facial hair to be.

Rules of the beard off
1. The first person to shave loses.
2. The bet on the first week is $20.
3. At the end of each week, the bet increases by $5.
4. Beards may be maintained and shaped, but not shortened (razors are allowed, beard trimmers are not).
5. Mustaches may be trimmed, if they are growing past the top lip (for clean appearance. Also, I am concerned about the hair going in my mouth. And getting food in it).
6. Beards can be “Just for Men”-ed. I recently dyed my hair from dirty blonde to brown. With the random redness of my beard, I asked that this rule be added in case looking extra weird might lead to my demise.

Now that more than the original handful of people is in the know, people at first seem quickly intrigued and just as quickly disinterested. “Who is winning?” they will ask. The thing is, no one wins until someone loses. The bet is on who will keep the beard, even if it reaches Gaff status (named for a coworker with a great, bushy, phenomenal beard). Gaff can rock a beard much better than either of us can.

Until the loss, there is nobody in the lead, and no way to determine who is doing better. That really seemed to bother people. Then something happened this week, as both beards took off in different directions. Chris made the decision to grow the beard lower on his chin and neck, with a little separation from the mustache. Mine is trimmed at the jaw line (which has been described as “All American”) and is more of a classic beard.

Now that the beards became legitimate enough upon which to form opinions, sides are starting to form. A leader could be determined before a winner is determined. Perhaps most maddening to the spectators is the fact that the contestants don’t seem to be too concerned with the actual competition yet.

“You should be trash talking each other and psyching the other guy out!”
“Oh, Chris I meant to tell you the other night that you look really good with a beard.”
“Thanks! Your beard is starting to look really nice. It’s filling in.”
“Thank you! I’ll see you at the finish line.”
“I hope you win!”

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Anonymous said...

I think the loser has to grow a mustache as well. Think about it.