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Here at justforscuz, we decided that it was time to share our resolutions. Why? Because it's a half a month into the New Year. With a group of procrastinators the likes of which you've never seen (unless you've seen us), that's about on time.

I for one, did not make resolutions, really. In the past few years, I've made some improvements to my situation- I lost 50 pounds (September to March-ish), moved out of my parent's house (last minute decision in August, and moved through several jobs to get above that poverty wage line! (in October, June, August, and September).

January just doesn't do it for me as far as resolution season. Every year I resolve to just get through the holidays and keep on trucking. The only thing I want to do more of is go to shows, since I'm so close to Allston Rock City with several venues to see real bands or friends' friends' bands.

That's not really a resolution. So I've expanded.

1. I'm going to follow music more closely. I listen to some junk music. My ipod is full of everything random, with some hints of real music. Every once in a while I'm introduced to something halfway decent, but I never pursue it or focus on it for very long. Without having the actual object of a tape or CD, I am not forced to obsess and digest anything. I am going to make an effort.

2. Go to more movies this year. Movies used to be my thing, more than music ever was. TV was up there too. Each year, though, I see fewer and fewer movies, either in theaters or rental. I am going to see movies more often, even if it means seeing them by myself in a matinee. Last year I went to the movies by myself for the first time (a resolution set a long time ago, fulfilled in June). I always thought it would be awkward or embarrassing; it was neither. If I wait to see things with my friends, I end up seeing nothing all year but Wanted and Twilight and then I'm the only one who hates the movie (even though I kind of enjoy that).

3. Read more. Magazines. I need to read books too, but I already do that. I try to keep up with the news, but I usually just end up reading about some new star on the Yahoo! Science pages. When I signed up for a race a month ago, I received 3 free months to 3 magazines. I chose Men's Health, People, and Time. I feel like that covers a good base of information. I hate ignorance, and I like to be informed. I always read Men's Health and it is full of valuable information. Time will keep me up to date on world events. People will help me relate to "the kids" at school.

4. Races. I have done a few 5Ks. In the next year I want to do several events. I am doing a 10K in February, followed a week later by the Race Up Boston Place. I may or may not do a half marathon in February also. Since it is on short notice, I may allow myself to back out. Either way, I want to do at least...15 race events by the end of the year. My two loftiest goals are a half marathon, and the Santa Speedo Run. I will have to lose about 20 pounds of fat and dignity to do that though. Oh and also, add 20 pounds of spray tan, cuz homeboy is white.

BONUS: Get in a fight. With all of this positivity, I feel the need to keep it all in check. I've never been in a fight in my life. My brothers and I used to kick the crap out of each other. I've literally had my head stepped on by my older brother. Because of my little brother, I had stitches on the back and front of my head. And the kid who lived down the street from me growing up once knocked me offside the head with my Bart Simpson skate board. That was all in good fun. I should not wish bad things or drama in my life, and God forbid anything happen to my gorgeous teeth. Still, a part of me needs to know how I would do if I really got into it with someone.

My Resolutions, by Ms. Anita Rackow
I really only have one resolution and it is to start doing all the things I've been saying I want to do for years. So from here on out, if I say, "I want to do that" then I am going to give it a shot. You might think this is a cop out resolution. You might think-- Ha! Now she never needs to do anything because maybe she won't want to do anything all year. Well, you are wrong. This is going to be incredibly difficult because I say things all the time without thinking. For example. "I want to be a bartender" "I could be a sugar artist and my sugar sculptures would look better than that guy's." "Springboard diving, how hard could it be? I will be in the 2012 Olympics." "I'm not buying that ring. I could make that and sell it for twice as much." "I want to make a mockumenary." "I want to make a documentary." "The tomatoes at the grocery store suck, I am going to grow my own." "Do you think I could get a small business loan in this economy to open up my hot chocolate shop?"

If you know me at all, you've heard me say one of those things. I should quit now, because there is no way I can get all of that stuff done. However, I am just going to revise my goal a little. Instead of trying to achieve everything on the list and everything that pops up on the future list, my resolution this year is to figure it out and try it out. Experiment. What do I really want to do with the rest of my life? (Or at least for the next 15 years of my life before I start shrinking and losing bone mass).

Along this quest, I am going to also be more diligent about a healthy lifestyle. The ideas in my brain are so chaotic at times, I think I need to tone it down in my real life to come up with a balance. So, I might be a little more zen this year. I might start doing yoga in my living room and going for dawn runs before work. I'm going to continue to eat organic and as local as I can (after I finish off this bag of Baked Sour Cream and Cheddar Lays) and do some home cooking for this one and only. I'm not going to stop getting caught up in crazy ideas and big dreams, but I am going to do some serious soul searching to find out what really makes me tick. And if there is an opportunity, I am going to go for it. For real this time. Happy New ME.

Resolve This aka Krissy's resolution.

My only resolution is to do the things that I always say "oh I don't do that" when people ask me to do them. Make sense?

"I don't run unless being chased" (I have signed up for both half and full marathons this year)

"I don't date unless being chased" (I have signed up for Eharmony...we shall see where this goes)

"I don't ride a bike unless being chased" (Haven't touched this one yet...we'll see in the Spring)

You get the picture. I no longer need to be chased.

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